Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kenya Personals: Meet Kenyan women and men for dating

Many people feel the urge to find someone to love at some point in their lives. In the past meeting friends of the opposite sex used to be very hard as there were no modern technologies to make things easier. Nowadays things are very easy and you can meet so many people very easily. 

One easy way to meet men and women for dating is to try online matchmaking services. It can be very easy to meet people who interest you without having to go through all the hassle of meeting new people in the real world. Of course the aim is to take the relationship offline at some point but you at least get to know the person you are meeting. You have chatted with them and exchanged messages. Probably, you have seen photos or skyped. 

Online dating is simply the best way to meet and hook up with potential lovers. Say you are a shy guy. You can practice meeting women without having the fear of getting rejected. You get to message as many women as you can so a few rejections and unreplied messages won’t really matter. Online dating services can help you boost your confidence and even meet women you would be afraid of approaching in the streets. This helps you realize that they are just flesh and blood and cannot hurt you with their sexiness.

Women can also practice approaching men this way. Nowadays women are going for what they want and if you are looking at a man you really want to date, you can at least know what to say. Take time to practice. It’s free and fun after all. is a freepersonals site for Kenyans who are looking for love. You can meet people from all over the world and the world can get a chance to meet you. All you need is a free email address to start meeting new people from your area or beyond.

If you have been wondering where to find women and men for fun, serious relationships, marriage etc. now you know. It is as easy as posting your free personal and letting our system do the magic. If you are afraid of receiving too much attention, get an email address specifically for dating. You will be surprised how easy it is to meet new people.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Free Dating in Kenya, Kenyan Girls Looking for Love, Free Hook Up Sites

Are you a Kenyan single looking for love? Are you interested in a relationship that leads to marriage? Are you interested in finding a lover, serious girlfriend, boy of your dreams, girl of your dreams, a fling or anything else you can think of, that is matters of love? Look no further. We have come up with a dating site for singles in Kenya looking for love online.

Our free dating site is the premier personals website in Kenya and we pride ourselves in having hooked up thousands of Kenyan singles with the love of their lives. We get a lot of positive feedback about our site and what it has done to help connect people. We also have thousands of free members who are waiting to hook up with you.

Lets face it, with our current busy lifestyle, going out there to meet potential mates is never easy. Most of us are busy chasing our career dream, that pay increase or that promotion. Dating is usually shelved for later. However, it's part of our lives and if you don't have someone special in your life you still feel empty.

That's where free online comes in. From the comfort of your house or office we can help you find your soul mate. All you have to do is join our free communuity and meet other singles who are looking for a potential lover.

The response will be overwhelming I tell you. Don't be alone because you have to, you don't. Check out our site and get your dream date today!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

5 Great Places to Meet Women and Hit Off

When you have moved to a new city or you have just finished college, you can find that you are constantly hitting the bar in search of women. If you haven’t made some friends who can introduce you great women, this can turn to be a regular thing. There is never an easier way to get laid than going to a dimly lit place with lots of sexily dressed women and lots of booze. A Casanova wouldn’t ask for more.

Women want to be picked up in unusual places as this seems romantic to them. You must have seen this being emphasized in movies or romantic novels. Well there is never a shortage of places where picking a woman is easy and chances of getting lucky high. Here is a list of some places you can try your wooing skills. Remember that being suave, cocky and confident, challenging and being in control will help you improve your chances.

Shopping stores
It’s no secret that women love to shop. Without them the world economy would crumble. Going shopping is therefore a good way of meeting women. Just go window shopping and see the opportunities out there. You can pick her up by asking her to help you shop. You will be surprised at how many women would jump at the opportunity. This is because unlike in a bar her defenses are low and she won’t snub you easily.

If she is having fun, she will play. This universal law helps you attract and pick up women easily in music concerts, drama and festivals and such activities which attract merry making.

At the Bank or Café
You can’t fail to spot a beautiful woman in a queue at bank or even one sitting in a restaurant. If she is all alone then you can ask her for coffee. If she is with someone then you can try to see if you can get a chance by sticking around. Remember that you only need her number and you can tune her later on.

An Athletic Event
The rugby sevens are becoming more popular as women flock here in the thousand to see men display muscles and animal characteristics. Booze and partying follows the match and you can easily pick up women here. Women are very attracted to athletic men. If you thought that sweat was a turn off, think again. You are more likely to turn on a woman if you are involved in an athletic activity together.

Online dating sites
The good thing about online dating sites is that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to meet a woman. There are lots of free dating sites out there where you can meet women from all walks of life. Join one and message as many women as you can.

In all these places, remember not to put your eggs in one basket. Get as many numbers as you can and contact these women at your own pleasure and time. Women love challenge and if you wait before you call her; you will raise her interest levels.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to Find True Love – Tips to a Long Lasting Relationship

Relationships are very important. With the right person, you can have a healthy life and have someone stand by you through the ups and downs of life. Psychologists also tell us how it is good for your mental as well as emotional well-being. 

In a world full of people, some things like finding the right person for you can seem to be a herculean task. Not many people can fit the description of a happy, loving and fulfilling soul mate. That does not mean that you should however settle for less. Go for the best relationship you can have.  A good relationship should at least have some of the following characteristics:

  •  Mutual respect between both partners.
  • Trust and honesty is important in the relationship.
  • Support from both sides. A relationship where one of the mates takes without giving back is doomed to fail.
  • Good communication is always key. You cannot go wrong with this one. If there is communication breakdown, you will find it very hard to live together as loving couples.
  • Lastly you shouldn’t be so serious about the relationship. Take time to have fun and be playful with each other.

While being single offers a great opportunity to build yourself, it can be a source of constant frustration if you are looking for someone to share your life with. You will need to start actively going on dates and meeting new people. If you have been brought up in a set up where strong relationships are non-existent you might need to go of any misconceptions you have about love. This can be a stumbling block if you are looking for love.
You also need to find someone who compliments you and brings out the better person in you. While a soul mate is hard to find, it can be the most gratifying thing. You will always love to wake up to the right person.
Lastly remember that relationships are never perfect and working on them is what makes them successful. Try to be loving and supportive if you want success in your relationship.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Free Dating for Rich People -Start Dating Rich Men and Women

Looking for the best dating site that offers free services? Not satisfied with the many dating sites that ask for money but never deliver on their promises? Take your dream of getting a romantic partner a notch higher. Join our site that offers free dating site for rich people. Did rich scare you? Hold on, you don't need to reach out for your credit card just to access our service. We offer absolutely free services with no catch whatsoever. We understand that some people have the cash to offer and are thus considered rich, but there are also those who are rich in beauty, spirit, strength etc.

 When you join Free dating services you join a community of people who have something to offer, a richness added to your life. Most relationships fail because some people choose to take without giving, if you are just out of such a relationship, we would encourage you to join us for a new kind of joy. Some of the services we have in offer:
  • The  most Powerful Matching Options
  • Full Featured Chat
  • Internal Mail Messaging
  • Send a Wink
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  • Photo Gallery
  • More and more features you are going to love. Our complete feature list is here.
Other sites will charge you an arm and a leg for the same services. We have chosen to offer it free for you. This is because we would like to offer a platform where everyone looking for love can find someone who is worth their heart. While most of the services offered should be charged, we have decided not to do that so we don't lock out those who are not rich in money but are rich in character, love, romance etc.

Now you no longer have to wait for payday to find love. You can even start now and meet as many women and men as you can. The experience will even enable you to learn more about the opposite sex at absolutely no cost. You will never find such a good deal anywhere else.

Join the other potential lovers and lets make love, while it lasts.

Free Dating Site in Kenya for Love Singles

Are you looking for love in Kenya? Are you tired of endless promises and fake love pretenses that end just after sex. Are you ready to start dating the man/woman of your dreams? You have come to the right place for a chance to regain you lost love.

We are offering you a platform which you can use to get the date of your dreams. We pride ourselves in having helped thousands of singles meet their love of their dreams and even get tie the knot. Our sites are absolutely free to use and more people are realizing how exciting it can be to meet so many singles without having to spend a dime or even leave the comfort of their houses. You only have to go for the date if you are sure it is the real thing.

If you are ready to walk that path it's all very simple. All you have to do is join our free dating site and ensure that you are an active member. Love doesn't come to those who dream, it comes to those who are ready to do anything for their dreams to come true.

While you are it it remember to upload a cute photo of you. Research shows that personals with a photo have a higher chance of getting replies. You can also add a little information about yourself so people don't have to second guess what you are and what you are looking for.

For the whole time we have been in operation, we have gotten so many emails and phone calls of people who genuinely fell in love by just trying It is a dating site that prides itself in being the premier dating site for rich people. Rich not just in money but rich at heart, love or rich in character.

It's all free and forever will be. We believe love is a basic need and everybody should get it free. Getting a date has never been easy and the fact that we open doors to everybody means your knight in shining armor or the beauty of your dreams just joined.

Don't miss out on the love train of the 21st century. We promise you that you are going to love every single moment of your memberships. We even have cool hook up games like playing Hot or Not profile matchmaking to ensure it takes you just a little time to get the love of your life.

Grab your free membership and start a life of loving and being loved today.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Meet Girls From Kenya Online: Free Dating for Kenyans Online

So many people nowadays are going online in search of their partners. It is not surprising when you consider that today's ever busy world leaves very little for human contact. In fact most people today instead of going out to meet potential suitors, you will find them in front of their computers browsing for singles.

It' s not a bad thing meeting people online. In fact I know many people who met through online dating sites and have gone on to have happy and fulfilling love lives. The other day I was attending the wedding of a friend. It happens that the two met on Facebook.

To succeed in finding your match, you need to understand a few things about online dating. For one people will judge your personality according to the way you describe yourself. Makes sense since they cannot meet you in person.

You therefore need to create a nice profile about yourself. While you are doing that, please avoid being cocky. Confident is attractive, cockiness is a complete turn off.

You also need to upload a nice photo of yourself. It doesn't need to be professional(though it never hurts if you can get one), but you must ensure that it is really good. Avoid low quality photos taken using webcam. You should also show your face. Smile a bit if you can manage.

Don't just create your profile and do nothing about it. Browse profiles everyday. They say that pick up is a game of numbers and nobody has ever put it better than that. Message as many members as you can and soon you are going to meet your match.

You are going to be hit on by people you don't feel anything for. Well, don't be rude. They are all trying to find someone to love them just like you. Be polite in turning down their advances. Join as many groups as you can. This gives you more exposure. Nowadays you can blog, upload videos and the like. Do anything you can to get noticed. You don't have to go to the point of desperation but at least make sure somebody knows you exist.

The last thing you need to remember is that you need to move that relationship to where all relationships should be: offline. There comes a time when you will want to meet your fun flirtation. Choose a public place say a restaurant so that you may get to know them better.

Last but not least, I would like to introduce to you a dating site where you can meet Kenyan girls for free. is the number one pick up site for lovely singles not just from Kenya but the world at large. You will find a large number of women and men who are looking for love and serious relationships.