Monday, July 29, 2013

Men Looking for Women in Kenya - Where to Meet Eligible Bachelors

Times have changed and now more women are finding themselves in situations where they have to look for their future mates. In a world not so past, it used to be the other way round. Men would outdo themselves trying to woo a woman but still go home cold and broke. Nowadays however, it seems the women are more into relationships and dating than men and would do anything to land a man for themselves.

It can be a very hard thing in a society that expects you as a woman to wait to be picked up, to go on the contrary and hit on men. In my opinion though, society is just a collection of our shared beliefs and if you ever change yours, it's acceptable too. I would be one happy man to see more women go out there and get what they want and deserve. If you are too shy to do the whole nine yards of pick up, you can position yourself in such a way only a blind man won't see you.

For one, in my understanding, women don't give a damn about broke men. For men who are broke but can't sell even a dream, then its a bigger problem for them. If you as a woman are looking for a financially able man(all ladies do), you have to hang out in places where such men frequent. Golf clubs, members clubs, high end restaurants etc. are places where the big fish  frequent. This might burn a hole in your pocket as drinks in these places are never cheap, however your investment might just pay off in the form of a man who pays all your school fees, gives you a business, buys you a car and takes you on trips across the world.

You should never come off as cheap if you are looking for a potential bachelor. It's a sad truth that people will never treat you for who you are but what they think you are. Women who are easy going are usually used and dumped. Guys will even exchange notes about women who are always ready to go the extra mile. If you are always wondering why all the guys in your hood only ask you for sex, now you know.

Many people tend to talk about the bar as being a good place for pick up. Well from a man's perspective, it's really a nice place to pick up chips fungas. Chances of the urbane gentleman you have eyes on practicing chemical warfare on you are also very high. We all know when women become attracted, they throw caution to the winds. They are always ready to imbibe copious amounts of hard liquor just to get into the party mood which I have always thought as a good excuse to have sex without having to look cheap. Well whatever comes out of drunken one night stands is the 7 am walk of shame or worse unwanted pregnancies or STI's just because you guys were too drunk to wear rubber.

The easiest and cheapest way to meet men who are looking to get into a serious relationship is online. If you go for a free dating site with lots of members, you can hook up with an eligible bachelor without spending a dime. You won't have to buy drinks or think about the cab fare home. All you have to do is join and message as many men as possible. You don't have to be shy because if you ever feel uncomfortable you can stop the conversation without feeling like you are hurting anyone. Online dating is one easy way more and more people are getting potential relationship mates everyday using match making sites. You should give it a shot.

Church is another great way to meet men, especially responsible men. I am not talking about the churches where even the Pastor who is married wants to pick you up. Or those churches where half the congregation came to nurse yesterdays hangovers. You find a good church with real people who love God. You can find a God-fearing man who will never dream of cheating on you. Men will even think you are a better woman just because they found you in church. It's always about the image you sell like I have just told you.

I would never go to the extreme of suggesting newspaper lonely hearts columns but you can give it a go. You however have to be very careful because you will get more calls than you need. Distinguishing the real people who want you for you and the jokers who want to take advantage of your situation can very tasking.

Other places you can find your life partner are college, in the office, office trips, get togethers etc. Weddings and other social events are really good places to meet men as chances are that the mood is right and love must blossom. There is a thing about two people falling in love and honoring it and many people usually want to replicate that in their lives. Never turn down that wedding invitation if you are single.

The thing you always need to remember is that you can be whole and fulfilled as a woman even when you are not dating. Don't be desperate just because you have been single for years and society is pressuring you to settle down. Most women get used because they show desperation. Always be proud of being you. Sometimes it's better to be alone than lonely in a relationship.